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open Saturday - Sunday from 11.00
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Birthed from the belly of a burning need for a space, came Pamela.

The friend you need, or needed, through the tough times. Through the moments we raise a glass to celebrate. The place you came to find a community, and where you found a family.

Since the glorious year of 2020 Pamela has been a safe corner of Amsterdam for the queer and BIPOC community. With a brand that keeps expanding, like the wings of an eagle.

She can be found located in the centre of the west of Amsterdam. She is a performer with a thousand costume changes, and the best reveals. She is a bar, a restaurant, the communities club house, a place to leave it on, and - always - a place to take it off!

Each tile laid with thought, and each shade of paint argued over by her doting parents. You can only feel love and an urge to fight and stand up for what is right. She's pissing you off and making you proud! To be a part of her and what happens in this space is to be apart of something special, something we all need... a little bit of love.

Come see me soon! 
Kus Pamela